Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Merchant Portfolio - The merchant portfolio is the collection of merchant accounts that the ISO agent maintains... Learn More →
  • Merchant Portfolios For Sale - We can help you to sell your merchant portfolio; and that is the biggest reason to partner up with us. Learn More →
  • Merchant Account Partners - First of all, no two portfolio sales are going to be completely identical. The buyer, if he or she is a savvy one, will want to be shown all of the evidence that there is such a portfolio, and of its performance. Learn More →
  • Merchant Business Funding - When selling a portfolio, you want to get the best price from it. Buyers consider three factors when making their evaluation - IRR (internal rate of return), attrition, and risk. Learn More →
  • Merchant Business Capital - You can choose to sell an ISO portfolio or a merchant portfolio to gain quick capital. The gain in capital can be used to continue expanding the business, or for any other number of reasons or costs. Learn More →
  • Sell My Merchant Portfolio - In most situations business owners are offered a lump sum of cash for their portfolio. The business that buys the portfolio than gets profits from the business. Many of these deals take the form of buyouts or mergers. Learn More →

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