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It has now been fifteen years since our company Merchant Data Systems (MDS) first set up shop in Miami Beach, Florida. Since then, we have been performing a wide range of services for other business firms to help them in their activities. These include selling equipment for accepting credit cards-the most widely used form of payment in the United States and other modern countries today. Only those who have opened merchant accounts with us can purchase such machines, though the account setup process is easy, requiring a minimum of information. Some of them are the conventional sliding machines that one encounters in stores; and we also have a ROAMpay credit card slider that can be attached to a smartphone (an app must also be downloaded), so you can use that as a transaction device!

Continuing with the subject of the last paragraph - Joining into partnership with us will earn you innumerable benefits, not the least of which are residual payment timely delivered over software designed for the purpose; an agent portal loaded with support materials, easy to navigate; second tier support for accounts deemed to be "high risk;" software options and equipment at prices that you can afford; training classes given each month, in which you can learn how to use our machines and software; cash for your merchant portfolio; bank program support; payment gateways that serve as intermediaries between merchants and their customers' service providers; competitive prices for your portfolios (see below); absence of minimums and penalties; the best customer support you can get; access to decision makers; and best of all, you get VIP treatment from the time you join with us.

An important part of our Partners in Processing program is Agent Banking. We know how to work with financial institutions of all types - banks, credit unions, savings & loans institutes, and the like-according to their specific needs, with each of them being assigned a dedicated relationship manager.

Selling a merchant portfolio is also something MDS can help you with. An undertaking of this sort can be a very complex one, and there is much to learn about it for the person who is inexperienced in it. Therefore, let us share with you some of the tips that we have learned from experience.

First of all, no two portfolio sales are going to be completely identical. The buyer, if he or she is a savvy one, will want to be shown all of the evidence that there is such a portfolio, and of its performance. However, you, for your part, will not want to divulge too much information to anyone until you have made the final decision to sell the portfolio. More important, you should not tell them anything at all, without obtaining the prior consent of your processor, whether or not that person has the first right of refusal regarding portfolio sales. That person, too, should be consulted to see if he will approve or refuse the transaction. And when the sales decision has been made, get the buyer to sign a non- disclosure agreement. The sales agreement should also be taken down in writing, as a non- written sales agreement is not generally considered to be binding; likewise, a written confirmation should be obtained from your processor.

The amount offered is another important point of consideration. You should demand at least a hundred times the residual generated monthly by the portfolio. Sort out any integration problems that may exists, for poor integration can be the cause of great financial loss for all parties involved. And get a knowledgeable attorney to help you in case you have any questions, and also to be sure that the sales agreement reflects what both you and your buyer actually want.

There are two ways in which you can be paid the cost of your portfolio - in lump sum, or in installments according to an agreed - on payment schedule.

Our final word with you is our motto: "Let us have a successful and profitable relationship."

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