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We at Merchant Data Systems are leaders in the world of merchant processing services. We offer our clients a myriad of different services and programs. In fact our business has grown exponentially over the years and we are looking to services even more ISOs and merchants than ever before. The crux of our business is helping other businesses grow and expand via the use of credit cards processing and other service solutions. After all, an organized business is a solid business. We are now offering a new type of business endeavor to its clients; mergers and acquisitions.

In the past mergers and acquisitions have been scary words for business owners. In the past it has meant a loss of power, ownership and control, but when we talk about M&A we aren't talking about taking away control or creating a standard buyout. Not at all, in fact, we are looking to create a solid partnership that connects your team with our team.

So you may be wondering why you would want to sell a merchant portfolio. Well, the reasons are pretty unique for each business owner. You can choose to sell an ISO portfolio or a merchant portfolio to gain quick capital. The gain in capital can be used to continue expanding the business, or for any other number of reasons or costs. By the selling of an ISO portfolio to us you lose nothing, and stand to gain a great deal.

You might wonder why you should sell your merchant portfolio to us. Well, the answers are numerous, but along with keeping you in control we have banking experience. We have our own BIN, we underwrite our own merchants, and we maintain constant customer support. IT is like having the support of your best friend, only for your business when you work with our joint venture program.

We offer those who take part in this joint business venture access to our customer support. That's right; your clients are offered our customer service that is available around the clock. We work with you, the owner, to continue to grow the portfolio. We offer you control over your business and you gain access to a merchant account right away.

Along with a merchant account you are offered all of the services that we currently have to offer. That includes credit card processing, customer service, invoice solutions, and eCommerce. We, the experts at MDS, essentially offer all those who take part in the joint venture program the keys to all of the services that can help to further a business' ability to become more profitable. The backend support alone can help to send a fledgling business into superstardom. As you may know there are certain aspects of business that are now necessary. A simple service can take your business from the ground floor to the penthouse in no time. We offer all of that.

The M&A we offer is leaps and bounds different than a traditional M&A set up. Other industry leaders launch what is, effectively, a takeover of the business. The traditional buyout requires the owner to concede control completely to the institution that is buying out the business. Then the business owner finds minimalized revenue while the same overhead remains. This can lead to economic disaster for some business owners. What we offer actually maximizes revenue by lowering the overhead costs associated with holding an ISO. We offer backend office support that truly aims at helping businesses grow and expand by leaps and bounds.

You may be wondering why we want to buy a merchant portfolio from you. Again, the answers are numerous and expansive. However, it can all be summed up fairly easily by stating that we believe in good businesses. We believe in business owners and their vision to expand. MDS, after all, needed some help along the way to expand. We like offering business owners a way of expanding. Plus, it helps us expand as well. It helps us expand as well.

We started off trying to educate and help merchants understand why to accept credit cards. We have grown and changed since then and continue to grow today. We have added a myriad of new services and are continuously working to further enhance our standing. Today we are a leader in our industry. We would like to help you become a leader in your industry, too.

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