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At Merchant Data Systems (MDS) we have been working with companies from our headquarters in Miami Beach, Florida, to help them with their merchant processing activities for fifteen years and counting. We help merchants accept credit cards from all the major lines (Discover, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club, and JVC. Credit cards have become the most common method of payment today. But our services extend far beyond that: We can help you to sell your merchant portfolio or buy a merchant portfolio; and that is a big reason to partner up with us.

We will always be more than glad to partner up with you, whether you are just starting out in the ISO world and in need of cash to get a leg up in the business, or even whether you are are already one of our partners, we have the necessary capital and are providing funds even as we speak. And there are numerous benefits from being an ISO. You get to sell a variety of products at competitive prices, with no minimums or penalties involved. Credit approvals and implementations are given on a "same day" basis. Our agent portal, with its load of support materials, is easy to navigate. And you can be trained in the use of our programs and solutions; such training opportunities are offered every month. If you wish, we will send you emails regarding possible updates to your merchant status with us. And if your account is considered to be "high risk," then we have a tier 2 program to manage that. Whatever of these things you choose to utilize, know that you will be treated like a VIP from the moment your partnership with us begins.

Once you have become an ISO with MDS, you have two possible options regarding growth in the field. One is through acquiring ISOs and portfolios; the other through your own sales efforts and financial investments. The former method not only tends to cost considerably more, but is not something you will want to undertake without first doing your homework - and there is a great deal of homework to be done here, of which evaluation is the number one part. What are the costs of an individual merchant account? And you should take care of the internal growth part before trying your hand at external acquisition. However, if you work hard enough at it - and make sufficiently informed decisions - you will find that it is the better way to achieve financial wealth. It is possible, too, to find an equilibrium between the two growth methods, as ISOs have found this to be true more often than not.

Going deeper into the subject of acquisition -- if you are buying ISOs that are of the same kind as one you already have, you should strengthen your ISO agreement to the ones you have just acquired. Whatever you do here, it is important to have advisors who are experts on the subject of acquisition to help you, as well as an equally knowledgeable attorney.

You can always be sure that there will be at least some people out there who will want to buy your portfolio - even in the hardest economic times. So always find more than one potential buyer to speak to before making your final decision. And when trying to make a sale of your merchant portfolio, you are bound to run into one or more of many pitfalls. So here is some advice on how to avoid them. (These tips, incidentally, applying when selling your ISO portfolio as well.)

One is that you should not divulge any of the important information regarding the portfolio until the deal has been made. Nor should you divulge anything at all without the consent of the ISO, even if he has not explicitly been given "first right of refusal" in that area. The buyer should also sign a non- disclosure agreement.

Data breaches are going to be another major problem. Since there are no guarantees against them, it is important to be proactive in this area. Police should be notified immediately; they may know how to prevent the breach from spreading even further.

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