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Merchant Portfolio

Why Sell a Merchant Portfolio

Many business owners have heard of companies that are looking to buy a merchant portfolio. Many merchant processing companies will forge forward with buying merchant portfolios in an attempt to gain more business. This makes perfect business sense, but can leave business owners feeling left out and taken out of the game. There are some stipulations in many merchant portfolio buyouts that take control from a business owner. This can make most people who have worked hard to develop a business pause at the notion. But, there are some service packages and programs that allow for business owners to retain control and grow stronger through a merger with a large merchant services company.

Troubled economic times have made the notion of selling an ISO portfolio pretty tempting. Business owners are often looking for a way to make their business better. They wonder if they should stay open, if they should expand. They wonder if the question of "why accept credit cards?" has been thoroughly answered, but selling a portfolio is a big decision. In most situations business owners are offered a lump sum of cash for their portfolio. The business that buys the portfolio than gets profits from the business. Many of these deals take the form of buyouts or mergers.

We, at Merchant Data Systems, are dedicated to the idea of forging joint ventures and strong business relationships. Unlike many other schemes that buy merchant portfolios and remove power from the business owner we do exactly the opposite. We join a business during the process and create a strong backend that can help the business expand exponentially. Payroll solutions, the ability to accept credit cards, invoicing solutions and a myriad of other merchant processing services are quickly made available to the business owner.

The goal is to create a joint venture in which the business owner and our professionals at Merchant Data Systems both benefit. We are completely committed to the notion of nurturing new business partners in small business owners. The idea is that business owners can benefit from our help while we, at MDS, can greatly benefit from expanding our current range of business. We are creating a true win-win scenario because we believe strongly in the small business and the future of merchant processing.

While all that might sound promising you are probably still wondering why you would want to sell a merchant portfolio. Well, simply put selling an ISO portfolio can allow for cash to become liquid and can allow a business owner to take some of their own money off the table. Money gained from selling your merchant portfolio can be used for anything you like. It can simply be put away for a rainy day if you choose. The business owner may also sell an ISO portfolio in an attempt to garner backend support. We offer this package to business owners who are interested in selling their portfolio in which the business owners garners the support of MDS fully, including access to 24/7 customer support.

We have a range of services and we are expanding every single day. Our goal is to provide wonderful support for our customers, first and foremost. We are then committed to expanding our business and lending a helping hand to small businesses around the country. Along with our commitment we come backed with 15 years of acquiring experience. We are capable of providing more in-house services than many other companies. We have our own BIN, we underwrite our own customers and we provide banking support to our clients. In short we are a one stop shop.

As soon as you sign on the dotted line we open up our vault of services to you so that your profits can rise while your costs continue to go down. You are provided a merchant account the same day you're your customers become our customers. With a dwindling overhead and access to more services than ever before your business can and will expand each and every day.

More than anything, however, we are funding right now. Our business is expanding exponentially and we are ready to move forward with further mergers and acquisitions. We have banking professionals who are waiting to help you better understand our mergers and acquisitions program. They are ready to give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. Like we mentioned before we, always, want to keep the power in the hands of the business owner and the first step to keeping your power is by being well informed.

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