What is a Merchant Portfolio?

Merchant Portfolio

Merchant accounts are essentially bank accounts that enable businesses to process credit cards for goods and services. Those companies that provide merchant accounts to businesses enabling them to accept credit cards are known as ISO agents or merchant account providers. The merchant account provider processes credit card transactions for businesses for a fee. The merchant portfolio is the collection of merchant accounts that the ISO agent maintains.

Merchant processing allows businesses, both brick & mortar and online, to accept credit cards to increase the availability of their products and services. Why accept credit cards? Because accepting credit cards allows businesses to transact without the risk of checks and cash. Credit cards are safer and provide merchants with the ability to track and verify each transaction. Credit card merchant accounts allow businesses to offer their products and services online and even via telephone ordering systems.

Merchant Data Systems' Mergers & Acquisitions group purchases merchant portfolios and partners with ISO agents. ISO agents may obtain immediate cash from Merchant Data Systems for their portfolios of active merchant accounts. Merchant Data Systems will close the transaction in a timely manner so ISO agents have access to the cash to continue to grow their business or to cash out part of their business to have access to additional cash.

Benefits of Partnering with MDS

The benefits of partnering with Merchant Data Systems include the fact that the Mergers & Acquisitions group has immediate funding for ISO agents seeking to sell or partner with MDS. Cash is paid to the ISO agent very quickly because we have immediate access to the cash for the purchases. In addition, we at MDS become actual business partners with you, the ISO agent, allowing you to remain active in your business endeavor. You are able to remain active and continue to grow your client base while partnering with MDS. When MDS buys a merchant portfolio, we partner with the ISO agent.

As you, the ISO agent, partners with MDS, we provide you with complete back-office support. Because we have been in the business of acquiring merchant portfolios for over 15 years, we have developed a complete system that is user-friendly and easy to understand for our partner ISOs.

Partnering ISO agents integrate their systems with MDS's state of the art systems, which lowers operating costs for ISOs. When you partner with MDS, you have the option of partnering as a Joint Venture (JV) or selling your portfolio through our Residual Buyout Programs. Because MDS owns the BIN and underwrites its own merchants, the savings is passed to our ISOs.

When you partner with MDS, we issue stock back to you to enable you to collect funds yet still maintain and grow the business. You retain ownership and continue to open more merchant accounts for clients. We partner with you to ensure that your endeavor is successful. Reap the benefits of both worlds: Cashing out a percentage of your existing business while maintaining ownership in your venture.

MDS develops an ongoing partnership with you when you elect to sell a percentage of your portfolio to us. Whether your ISO business is a small boutique company or you are a large ISO with many agents, MDS will partner with you. The MDS M & A system allows you to enlist the our assistance to build your business structure. Your income stream is protected and you are free to continue to build and grow your account base.

When you are ready to cash out a portion or all of your portfolio, contact Merchant Data Systems. We will walk you through the process and get immediate cash into your hands. We will show you how to retain control over your business and continue to grow while obtaining cash to brow your portfolio. We partner with you and give you the tools you need to further your success.

If you are searching for more information to possibly sell your ISO portfolio, MDS provides all the information you need to make the decision. Simply visit the Mergers & Acquisitions section of the website or contact MDS by phone to sell your merchant portfolio. We have streamlined the process and will pay you quickly for your accounts. Contact MDS today for more information about partnering with us and getting cash for your existing portfolio.

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