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Has the thought of becoming an ISO Agent ever crossed your mind? If it hasn't, then now is the time to consider the option. Perhaps you are like most people and are totally clueless about what an ISO Agent does. In that case, it is about time that you learn more about the job responsibilities of an ISO Agent, how you can become one and what the benefits of being an ISO agent are. You will surely be surprised when you find out how profitable this career can be. The job of an ISO, Independent Service Operator, Agent requires dealing with customers and business owners at all times, as they are both the major players in the credit card industry. In order to become an agent, you need to be a member of an independent sales organization first. After that, you may officially sell a variety of cards that include the debit cards, credit cards and many other cards.

In other words, in order to become an ISO Agent, you must register with a bank or with a reputable ISO. Only then are you allowed to sign a contract with the banks as an ISO agent. As a registered agent, you will receive training on how to run the business, enhance customer leads, operate merchant help desks and follow guidelines in approving and rejecting new merchant applications. To be more effective in this job, you should equip yourself with adequate amount of knowledge about the industry, polish your cold-calling skills and of course, hone your communication prowess and sales expertise.

Merchant Data Systems (MDS): Who We Are

MDS is a 15 year old merchant acquirer that can guarantee you a regular and steady income. If you are serious about boosting your income, you should start learning about how you can become an ISO Agent and eventually become one of our stakeholders. We at MDS holds our own BIN, underwrites with our own writers and maintains our own customer service personnel. We are equipped with sufficient capital and can provide the funds to help you grow your merchant portfolio. We help our agents succeed by providing "behind the scene" support and taking care of pricing with regards to the joint venture. By becoming our business partner, we can guarantee that you are going to receive a boost in your business while having reduced operating costs at the same time. In case you do not know, we also offer the popular "same day merchant account" together with our other programs and services.

What We Offer

We offer an all-inclusive ISO program that caters a wide assortment of functions for our sales partners. With the help of our program, selling the merchant portfolio would be simple and hassle-free. We will eliminate all your worries about back office tasks so you can take care of your daily routine. This will give you more focus on your tasks to sell merchant portfolio, sell ISO portfolio, as well as your responsibility to buy a merchant portfolio. Furthermore, we will provide you with training on merchant processing to help you better understand the processing of credit cards. For this reason, you will not need to ask the question "why accept credit cards" again because you will know everything about processing credit cards and other value cards. In addition, we will give you very competitive rates as well as a customized scheme to address your needs. Finally, there is no need to worry about minimums or penalties as there is none.

What Mergers & Acquisitions Partner Program is All About

Our Mergers & Acquisitions Partner Program focuses on shaping joint ventures or simply, merging with your venture. This extends to the "residual buy-out programs" that are designed to meet your specific needs. In this program, we allow you to obtain cash from the company's resources anytime you need to. Therefore, whether you are one of our current ISO Agent or an owner of an ISO that needs additional funds, MDS has the resources you need. After enrolling in MDS's Mergers & Acquisitions Partner Program, you as a sales partner are going to receive an abundance of payment products, administrative support from our professional customer service liaisons, same-day approval for merchant applications, competitive rates, unlimited cash advances, timely and precise residual payments and more.

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