Merchant Portfolio

Merchant Portfolio

With the Mergers and Acquisitions Partner Program here at Merchant Data Systems (MDS), we can help you fund your business. By acquiring your Merchant Portfolio, we can provide you with the immediate cash you need to operate your business. By acquiring your outstanding credit card processing clients' contracts, and paying you cash in return, you get the immediate benefit of money in the bank. We can help you turn that residual income into immediate income through our Mergers and Acquisitions Partner Program. When you join the Mergers & Acquisitions Partner Program, we become true business partners with you, with no holdbacks, and you don't have to concede control. As a 15 - year Merchant Acquirer, MDS has the experience to assist you today!

Merchant Data Systems also provides Merchant Services Sales to our ISO partners. We will form a true JV with you and issue you stock as a member of the Partner Program. We buy all sizes of Merchant Portfolios, whether they hold 250 accounts or 25,000 accounts. You can remain in the game, while we provide you with back-office support services and "joint-venture pricing." We will work with you to enhance the value of your portfolio and build residual sales that will keep your business running well into the future. So if you have Merchant Portfolios for Sale, give us a call today.

Why should I sell my Merchant Portfolio?

In these troubled economic times, businesses need all the help they can get, so we are offering to leverage your outstanding Merchant Portfolio for immediate cash for all of those necessities like payroll, inventory, whatever you need the cash for, we can help.

With the Mergers & Acquisitions Partner Program, Merchant Data Systems offers stock dividends and salaries to its ISO Partners as well as a continuing ownership role in their business. By issuing stock to Partners staying in business, as well as MDS' proprietary software solutions, we can help to assure future sales and revenue stability. If you already have an offer, MDS will look at it with you and show you line by line how our program stacks up.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with Merchant Data Systems?

We have capital on hand and are funding now, you gain a true business partner who helps you to increase the value of your portfolio, you get to stay in the game while we offer you back-office support services and "joint venture pricing," operational integration into MDS scales your business model and lowers your operating expenses, we are a 15 year Merchant Acquirer with consistent profitability since inception, MDS owns its own BIN, underwrites its own merchants and maintains its own Customer Service Staff, and Same Day Merchant Accounts are available along with our ISO Program Products and Services.

MDS has Partnering Solutions from forming Joint Ventures with you to Residual Buyout Programs specifically designed to fit your exact needs. It doesn't matter if you are already working with us, or if you're just an ISO needing money to grow your business, or if you just want to take some of that money off the table, we have the solution for you. We will pay immediate cash for your Merchant Portfolio, and we can close the deal in a very short time. Our residual buy-back programs will enable you to take money off the table when it's convenient for you, according to your needs. Our offerings of cash and stock percentages are flexible, and depend entirely on your needs. Premium-level partners enjoy Venture Pricing and Merchant Data Systems' proprietary solutions to ensure forward-facing success, client retention, and expanded profitability. If you choose to partner with Merchant Data Systems you will enjoy a business partnership that produces financial dividends and continued cash-flow for all kinds of expenses such as payroll and general expenditures. So if you're looking to Sell your ISO Portfolio, consider Merchant Data Systems today!

We give ISO owners the best of both worlds, cash now and continued ownership roles along with salaries and dividends. Owners can cash out a percentage of their portfolio's valuation and receive stock for the balance of the valuation. Our commitment to our Partners and Customers is evident as we say "A happy customer is a long-term customer." We put everything we have behind those words. When our Partners succeed, we succeed: it's as simple as that.

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