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Merchant Portfolio

At Merchant Data Systems, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible Mergers & Acquisitions Partner Program. We want to make sure that every merchant portfolio is handled properly and our merchant processing system runs smoothly for each client that uses our services. We run several partnering programs that are tailored to fit each client's specific needs. Our goal is to help you solve whatever problems may arise and assist you. Our Partnering Programs are designed to provide as much assistance as possible, and handle everything from Residual Buyout Programs to forming Joint Ventures. Merchant Data Systems prides itself on helping ISOs grow their businesses and manage their finances.

If you are looking to sell an ISO portfolio, we can handle that, as well. Our ISO programs are rich in resources and are versatile enough to offer a medley of services, such as:

  • payment products
  • same day merchant approvals
  • prompt, accurate residual payments
  • solution-focused customer support
  • merchant cash advances
  • competitive advances

Merchant Data Systems knows that anyone looking to sell a merchant portfolio needs comprehensive assistance to make sure they are making the best decisions possible and the most economically feasible decisions. We even customize our deal structure to meet your needs, and have a Tier 2 program for high-risk accounts.

We partner with all kinds of merchants in a variety of fields, including but not limited to:

  • retail and restaurants
  • online merchants
  • mobile commerce
  • charities

If you are looking to capitalize on a residual stream or current portfolio, we are well funded and are able to buy right now. Merchant Data Systems' acquisition process ensures plenty of payout while letting you retain a large ownership role. Standard buyouts have holdbacks and require you to relinquish a lot of control, if not all of it. We want to make sure ownership stays in your hands while benefiting from the acquisition of your assets. Our Mergers and Acquisition Program can easily help you get rid of cash on the table and channel those resources into creating a joint venture, after which we can issue stocks.

Since our inception fifteen years ago, we have proven to be consistently profitable. We want to become true business partners with you and guide you with back-office support and "joint venture pricing". As a Mergers and Acquisition Program partner, you will receive the best help and guidance we can offer so that you can watch your business grow and get results without the unnecessary risk that other companies may have.

As you've seen, partnering with Merchant Data Systems will be highly beneficial to you. We will happily scale your business model and lower operating expenses. We run our own BIN, underwrite our own merchants, and even maintain our own customer service staff to ensure each client receives the highest quality treatment we can offer. Come to Merchant Data Systems if you really want to see your business prosper and want to wisely invest your time and resources. All of us at MDS want to be sure that every client we work with is fully satisfied and their business reaches its full potential. Contact us today.

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