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Merchant Portfolio

With Merchant Data Systems' Mergers and Acquisitions Partner Program, our ability to assist our prospective partners increases in the field of accepting credit cards for payment. With this program, we offer ISO Partners the flexibility of a Joint Venture (JV) or Residual Buyout Program to solve their cash-flow problems. Our partners can leverage the value of their highly liquid Merchant Portfolios to their own best advantage.

In the process of becoming a Partner of Merchant Data Systems (MDS), you can cash in the value of existing contracted Merchant Accounts for stock and cash in the form of salaries. MDS also offers something unique in the industry in allowing you to maintain an ownership role in any Joint Ventures created through partnership with us. This offers ISO Partners a unique opportunity to have the best of both worlds by receiving cash for their merchant portfolio and the stability of income that a regular salary provides. Also, we offer stock dividends to our partners and welcome their investment in a joint venture with us.

By offering this new program, we hope to assure our mutual success in business, as we say: "A happy customer is a long-term customer." Using this slogan to drive our business model, we strive to make the most of each relationship with our partners. ISO owners can cash out a percentage of their portfolio valuation and receive stock for the balance of the valuation. The cash and stock percentages are specifically designed to fit your requirements. Premium-level partners enjoy perks such as Venture Pricing and Merchant Data Systems' proprietary software and assistance to help you achieve future sales successes, client retention and expanded profitability in today's market. Prospective partners electing to do business with Merchant Data Systems also enjoy an on-going business partnership that produces financial dividends for its operators as well as continued funding of business operations including such things as salaries and general office expenditures.

Regardless if you are an ISO already working with us, or an ISO in need of cash to grow your business, or if you simply want to take some money off the table, we have the right solution for your business. We will pay immediate cash for your collection of Merchant Accounts, and we have the ability to close this transaction very rapidly. Our Residual buy-back programs allow you to take money off the table according to your own schedule, with your own business needs as the guide. Whether you want to start a Joint Venture with us or simply want to monetize your existing contracted assets, we can help you!

We are well-funded and able to buy now! And, unlike standard buyouts, there are never any holdbacks with us, and you maintain an ownership role in your business. We offer this program because we respect the needs of ISO Partners, and we know that in these troubled economic times businesses need all the help they can get to stay solvent, and profitable. We look forward to helping you secure critical funding for your business to grow and expanding your Portfolio's valuation into the future!

What do I get out of the Mergers & Acquisitions Partnership Program at Merchant Data Systems?

The simplest answer is that your business gets peace of mind and the knowledge that you have a 15 - year veteran of the industry in your corner. MDS has been profitable since inception and has helped many businesses maximize their potential. Also, you get these benefits: immediate funding in cash; a true business partner, who will work with you to enhance your portfolio's value into the future; you get to remain in the game, while we take care of the back-office support and "joint venture pricing"; operational integration into MDS scales your business model and lowers your operating expenses; MDS owns its own BIN, underwrites its own merchants and maintains its own Customer Service Staff; Same day Merchant Accounts are available along with our ISO Program products and services.

Whether your Merchant Portfolio is only 250 accounts, or 25,000 accounts or more, you can sell your Merchant Portfolio to us! If you already have an offer, let us take you through it line-by-line and show you how our offer will compare! We are confident you will be very interested in what we have to show you! Whether you are a single agent or a large office with many agents, Merchant Data Systems has a financially powerful Partner program that protects your residual income and helps you to build a business structure for the future.

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